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Birth name Christy Campbell
Also known as Admiral T
Born 29 March 1981
Origin France (Guadeloupe)
Genres Reggae-Dancehall
Occupations Singer-songwriter, DJ, Actor, Designer, Fashion design, Record producer
Years active 1993–Present


Real star in the West Indies , Admiral T returns with a third album that should propel the firmament of the current urban music .

Much water has flowed under the bridge since 1997 , when Admiral T recorded his first song “Fast” . From Boissard , one of the hardest of Pointe-A- Pitre in Guadeloupe ghettos , the young Christy Campbell was then sixteen years. Coming from a family of ten children , he grew up being influenced by the great old reggae (Bob Marley and Peter Tosh ) and also listening to Gwo Ka ( traditional percussion) , rap or Caribbean music . His song ” Gwadada ” opens the doors of success in describing the social malaise that hit his native island, a similar observation which is found in the general strike of the French Antilles in 2009.

After several frantic learning benefits through sound system with KSS ( Karukera Sound System) or songs released on compilations years, Admiral T released his first album in 2003. Called ” Mozaik Kreyol ” , this CD allows it to become the most popular DJ in the Caribbean and also meet a growing success in France. “When people appeal to me in the street, this is what gives me the strength to continue . This allows me to stay humble and have feet on the ground . I always stay as straight as possible . ” His musical style is original, somewhere between reggae, dancehall and traditional Creole music. Its ultra-fast phrasing – the ‘fast style’ – and original influence some artists and trigger many vocations. Singing in Creole and French , Admiral T simply expresses the hopes and sorrows of some disadvantaged youth which too often leaves aside : “When I write, I mainly focused on what I find interesting to say and to defend. I do not hesitate to push shots mouths when I find necessary. It is natural to me , I do not calculate things I write what I saw and I saw what I say . ” .

In 2006, Admiral offers his new project . With ” Touch the horizon ,” he managed to confirm its immense potential and hang a public more and more , all without disappoint his fans . Several songs also see our artist to song and melody. “This album is very wide both musically and lyrically . I put everything I had more expensive to go as far as possible. As an artist, I have to constantly create , innovate every time. It is not a coincidence that my album is called ” Touch the horizon . ‘” On this record, Admiral T favors amazing and detonating such as meetings with Diam’s or Rohff but also with Kassav ‘ group or Jamaicans TOK His live performances and noticed remarkable greatly increase its popularity. Accomplished showman , he has repeatedly toured the hexagon with a dot organ Olympia (May 2006) and a Zenith Paris (December 2006 ) and another in November 2010 including filled to the brim and Stade de France in a company Kassav ‘ before 65,000 spectators ( May 2009).

Apart from its own projects, Admiral has also crossed the voice of different artists to bring every time , his stone to the edifice of Caribbean artists like Daly, Sael , Saïk , Dominik Coco, Akyo but also medium sizes rap and R & B as Neg ‘Marrons , Kery James , or Rohff La Fouine . Alongside his work as a singer, Admiral T was also an actor in the film Jean- Claude Barny Nèg Brown (2005) and created with his wife Jessica a clothing line : Wok Line ( ) . During his long career , Admiral has collected many and varied distinctions : several price Guadeloupe SACEM , a Césaire Music, trophy hip hop 2008 ( ragga dancehall artist best ) a survey has even been nominated as the person year favorite Guadeloupeans before Lilian Thuram and Thierry Henry 2006.

The introduction of the title ” Pi Yo Met Baye” perfectly sums up the state of mind in which Admiral T was at the time to record her third album , ” A committed artist and this is not going to change / At what seems this is my Creole accent that bother / I’m reggae dancehall, not rock . / Between my convictions and the money, I would never barter / sex and gossip is what interests people, but me it is of the highest text that I put forward. ” A profession of faith.

At the root of most of the pieces , ” native son ” asked musicians around the world to support them in the appropriate composition rather than seeking producers fashionable musical styles . Convincing result : Blastar , Skalp , Staniski , Maleko Awa Cissoko or Johan Ney chiseled beautiful caskets on which Admiral then asked his best lyrics and melodies . Here we find what has made the popularity of Admiral throughout his years : ragga dancehall rhythms and reggae primarily but we also note the more electronic sounds , R & B or soca that bring a real plus to the various pieces . Toaster , rapper , ” singjay ” or singer , nothing scares Admiral T, a 4×4 all terrain artist . Both fluent in Creole , French or English , he sings for all communities and generations without exception .

The seventeen songs of this album are crossed by the ” Instinct ” Admiral T ” this whole album was conceived in a very spontaneous way . I primarily wanted to do what I love and give pleasure to people. Animal instinct I have in my heart I was able to give the best of myself. And as I am a very eclectic , it is normal that we find so many different musical genres . ” The album art representing Admiral who climbs a steep mountain, proves that he ‘s not afraid to take risks, but always with a view to exceed its goals and go even higher .

Finally, with the guests on this CD , heavy artillery is out . Of course , the first single “Point Victory ” with rapper La Fouine and Medine is announced as one of radio tubes this spring. The ride , “I need to believe ” with R & B singer Awa Imani should logically also appeal to the general public. However, the other guests deserve as much attention : the Jamaican DJ Busy Signal , local dancehall artists Lieutenant, Young Chang, Machel Montano king of soca music, Fanny J zouk revelation of time not to mention the former member Kassav ‘ pillar and zouk : Patrick Saint- Eloi .

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