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After the storm

Hey, when Jah a the ship, we smile at the storm, ya man.

Life hard and this a road might be ruggy;
But Jah would never send you there from you nuh ready, no!
Listen to his


Shine – Aswad

Come on and shine, shine like a star
(Shine, ah ha)
Shining so bright, like the star that you are
(Ah ha, ah ha)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, shine into the future
(Shine, ah ha)
Spreading your


Every every moment that i’m away
Every every hour of every day
I love how you take my breath away

Verse 1
in your arms i’m safe and secure every care around me melt away
when u hold me i


Tonight every gyal a turn a devil
Turna a dutty freak, turn a john crow
Decent gyal a go turn in a gogo
Do Something weh yo wouldn’t normally do

[Verse 1]
Liquor buss in a yo make yo


She likes me…
[Aisha Davis:]
My hear is yours
I Like… her
(close your eyes)
[Aisha Davis:]
Ma heart is yours…

Touching on your body, kissing on your neck.


Girl you are the one, whoa me baby
Girl you are the one
The cocky tough gyal rid me sturdy john
Back it up pon the don me work fi long

You pussy


We are living in a serious time, woo
Don’t let the devil blow your mind

The time is so serious, cantankerous and dangerous
Is only in the Father, you know I put my


Verse 1:
No sun will shine in my day today
The high yellow moon, won’t come out to play
I said darkness has covered my light, (oooh)
And has changed my day into night, (oooh)


Best friend a come fi take yo life
A the worst thing you could ever si
Teflon how can a man weh you a spar wid from yo born
Turn round be a enemy

Wi no waan no friend