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Well this one called di punanny coming
From I mr bailey you hear! well alright you
Gwaan weird ahhhh boy oh ma darling!

Gimmie punanny waan punanny
Gimmie punanny waan punanny
Gimmie punanny waan


I said if we never get a chance to be together
go with Jah, Tanya loves ya, wha me seh?

Its a pity you already have a wife
and me done have



Oooh wooh haa alright
ayy ayy

Verse 1
Came to your wedding uninvited
walk to da church and sat down inside
i wanted to scream your name
let everybody see my pain
when you

Straight from the start.

Can’t believe you woman right away
Only take a sec

Girl, I like to wear your stock
Even like to wear your jock
Yeah you got my love and


(smile for me, smile for me) ooo lawd
(smile for me, smile for me) yes I

Verse 1
Ooo, I met a girl this morning
She was love at first sight
Ooo, I met


If I can give myself all the reason for being with you,
I can’t see why you can’t give me reason for your acting
through all these funny things like stayin’ out late


I’d like to tell you a story about
What one dance can do,
One dance can do
One dance can do

A listen up

After one dance on the floor
She came


Better get ready
Come do rock steady, ooh
You got to do this new dance
Hope you’re ready
You got to do it just like uncle Freddy
If you don’t know
Just shake your head,