Gully Bop

Gully Bop


Most Popular Songs 

    Pussy Specialist

    Nuh Bad Like Me

    Life Too Sweet

    Ms Goldie

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Birth Name Robert Lee Malcolm
Born King Weston, West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica
Genres Dancehall, Reggae
Occupations Deejay
Years active 2014 – Present


From Nothing To Something in 48hrs. A perfect example why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. Even though the music industry abandoned him, Gully Bop did not give up on his dreams. He spent his days spitting lyrics until he got exposed to the world and the world embraced him!

Gully Bop, given name Robert Lee Malcolm, also known as Country Man, was born in King Weston, West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica, W.I. He attended Oberlin High School. In his later years he relocated to Grants Pen Ave, in Grants Pen, Kingston, Jamaica.

In November, 2014 Gully Bop stumbled upon fame. His newly found fame wasn’t his first experience with the music industry. He had a previous life in dancehall under the name Country Man, but he did not achieve much. He performed at Sting and Reggae Sunsplash, but the music industry did not embrace him. Even though he faced a lot of trials and tribulations, Robert did not lose his desire to be a musician. For 20 years he struggled to survive. He fixed fans, ran errands, did odd jobs in his community and sold fruits to survive.

He continued to freestyle for anyone willing to listen, but didn’t record any music. Gully Bop thought he had his lucky day two years ago when a New York based producer heard him free-styling the song “Dem Nuh Bad Like Me,” and recorded him. The producer invited him to come to the studio and officially record the song, but it did not progress into anything. His big break came when a little kid recorded him on a mobile phone and posted it to Facebook. The video went viral, and received rave reviews on social media. No one took him seriously, because of his physical appearance, he was branded as a (mad man) mentally challenged man. His career as an artist took off when an Atlanta based company presented him to the world as a musician on YouTube. They uploaded a re-mixed version of the song on the punany rhythm, with a female dancing. The video received over 80,000 views within 24 hours; that was the beginning of Gully Bop the artist. He became the fastest rising star in the history of Dancehall. He gained recognition worldwide.
Within two months, with the assistance of current manager Shauna Chin, Gully Bop became a clean, sharply dressed, charismatic man. His career spiraled upwards. He made numerous television appearances and was given the honor of being the headline act of Reggae Sting 2014. He released hits like: Body Specialist, Dem Nuh Bad Like Me, Miss Goldie Goldie, Dem Run, Drop Mi, Beg A Gyal and his monster hit Life Too Sweet featuring M-Gee . He has a host of new songs that are scheduled to be released in 2015, and a scheduled tour of Europe, United Kingdom, The Caribbean and The United States. He is now the most requested artist in Dancehall.

On Monday, January 12th, 2015 Robert Lee Malcolm was rushed to the hospital after a rupture occurred in his intestine, caused by a Hernia that was untreated for many years . He underwent emergency surgery. The total cost of the surgery was $880,000. Robert was very grateful that this came after he received his lucky break because he would have otherwise lost his life. Robert vowed that he would dedicate his life to helping others that are in the situation he was in for over 20 years. He teamed up with an American based company and will be launching his own clothing line in Spring 2015. A percentage of the proceeds will be going to the Robert Lee Malcolm charitable organization.

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