How to promote music

Music Promotion

Promoting/Advertising – is the craft of showcasing a product or service to capture the attention  of a group or individual directly or indirectly to influence a response.  Remember when promoting/marketing, your goal is always to reach an audience and capture new fans where they will supporting  you in the form of buying your songs, going to the show when you perform and buy your merchandise.

Practice and Know your product: When promoting music, you need to be sure and confident about the material you are putting out. It is essential that the Artist or Musician practice and hone their craft.  As the saying goes, “Practice becomes perfect.” When you are good at what you do, it becomes comfortable or natural. This allows you to be confident in you self and work or whatever you are doing. With good craftsmanship, you are most likely to win the listener or listeners over (Gain Fans). What ever Genre or style you are singing in, its best to do it good. Good product sells itself. Your gold is to get the word out by the best means.

Budget: In most cases having financial resources cover  many avenues when promoting. So it is good to put a budget together. This will cover such expenses like promo CDs, travel, flyers, posters, medias, and some online promos.

Team: It is best to have a good team to work with, that should consist of Manager, Producer, Publicist, Write and a Street Team if possible. Having a team will cover more grounds than you would as a individual can.

Performance/Stage Show: In most cases, it is easier to get people’s attention whenever you are face to face with them. If you are able to go to live events and perform you should. People go to parties, bars and other places to listen to musician. If you can perform and win at lease one person over that one can help to make a million. First impression last for a longtime. I strongly recommend performing at Open Mics, Bars, on Sound Systems, Karaokes or any event that will give you exposure.

Image and Branding: You need to have a MINDSET that you are a Brand. You are not just a simply musician, a band, DJ, Rapper or a Singer, you are a product of the Art. Once you understand that, marketing your music becomes a lot clearer. To create yourself into a brand you will need to look into your image and persona. What style of cloths you wear (fashion statement) and how it fits into the music you perform. The image you create tells a lot about you, depending on how well you pull it off, it can make or break you like wise your personality. When you have a good image and attitude, it attract attention of gain many fans that will  make Big companies wanna use you to promote their products.

Identify Your Goals: When you set out to promote your music, don’t try to cover too much ground at once. Have specific campaigns that promote specific things, like a new album, single, a website, a show or a tour.

Target the right Audience: Find the right outlet to execute your promotion. If you are planning to promote a show in a particular area, you may want to promote using local medias: Such as, Radio, Social Network ,News Paper, Poster and Flyers to reach that location.

Media and Online Outlets 

There are a multiplicity of music website to promote on.  Just do a search. 

Radio                   Internet Radio             Cable/TV

News Paper          Flyers                        Blogs

Mix Tapes            Sound Systems         Social Networks

Create a website: I recommend you  create your own website. Every person should have a home for his/her self.  It normally cost $10-$20 a month depending on what you choose. It could be more or less. WordPress is one of the many platforms you can use. Do your research when creating a website. There are lots of ways to go about it. Having your own website can be very rewarding and productive. This is where your Fans will come for the latest news and product you have. Within your website give fans the option of signing up for you news letters so your can send them a e-mail. If you only send them to you profile on a Social Networking site and one day that site decide to close down what will you do? Once you send all your web traffic to you website, it can translate into revenue. How? by advertising and that can pay for maintenance and hosting. You can put Google Adsense  and other things that people want to advertise and get paid for it.

Build Relationships: This can be one of the most vital part of your music and business career. You should make it a regular hobbit of building relationship with people: Such as Radio DJs, Music Bloggers, Promoters, Journalist, Video Producers, Sound System DJs, Producer and other Artist. They will be the go to people when promoting.

Festivals and Events

Attending festivals or any events is always a good idea. Many music lovers go to festivals during the summer to see varied amount of Acts perform. Once you have promotional merchandise like CDs and T-shirt you can go to the event and give them out for free. If possible ask them for their email address, so you can send them promo in the future.