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Birth Name Andre Rhoden
Born August Town, Kingston, Jamaica
Genres Reggae, Dancehall
Occupations Singer
Phone 1876-847-1948
Years active 2008 – Present


Andre Rhoden more popularly known as Jah Vinci was born in August Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in a family of six which included two brothers, two step sisters, and his father and step mother. Music was always a part of his life as both parents were singers. His father is more of bass or baritone while his mother was the soprano. To this day, Jah Vinci believes he gets the ability to hit those high notes (that he has become famous for) from his mother. In addition to learning music from his parents, Andre also spent several years in church where he did a lot of singing. In his early teenage years he formed a group which consisted of five members, known as the Faithful Brothers. The unit performed both in the community as well as in the local Churches in their neighborhood. Andre continued on that path until the year 2005 when things dramatically changed in his life. One of his brothers, Mark White, was mistakenly shot by gun men, as such, his father decided to move the family to Stand Pipe (a less violent area). It was there that Andre met his then girlfriend, Kim, who gave him his first daughter, Shenequa Rhoden. Two years later his father, step mother and step sister migrated, this meant that Andre had to go live with his mother in Hungry Town (Mannings Hill Road).

While living in Hungry Town, Andre began spending a lot of time with an artist/producer by the name of Keely who convinced him to adopt the name Da Vinci. But after researching the name, Andre decided to go with Jah Vinci because of his beliefs in God as well as the fact that Da Vinci was already being used by the international painter/sculptor. Shortly after adopting the name, Jah Vinci, he was introduced to the owner of 357 Records, a brother by the name of Mario C who was so impressed with Jah Vinci’s musical abilities that he signed him to a record deal. Jah Vinci immediately began working with 357, and eventually recorded his first song, a track entitled “naa stop search until I find”. Not pleased with the approach 357 took to promotion; Jah Vinci left the label and began promoting the song himself. He hit the streets hard, attending all the community dances and tried his best to get the DJs to play his song. He soon learnt that it will take a significant amount of money to promote himself and so he took a job at National Bakery. Unfortunately, that did not work out well because he was not comfortable doing the 9 to 5 and so he quit and went back to focusing on music 100%. He still had to face the struggles in the music business which was now coupled with stress he was getting from his baby mother who wanted things for their daughter that Jah Vinci could not afford to provide. Additionally he began to hear rumors about his baby mother seeing other people. Because of all he was going through, that very night Jah Vinci went to his mother’s house laid in bed and began to pray (something he did not do since his brother’s death). The following morning he was visited by a friend, Jimmy Brasco, who told him that Vybz Kartel (a prominent artist at the time) wanted to meet him. He refused to go at first but then a week later Jimmy Brasco came to get him and insisted that he accompany him to the studio.

When they got to the studio, Jah Vinci recalls hearing some men in the yard asking “who is at the gate and what do you want?” Shortly after, he heard the voice of Vybz Kartel saying “let in mi singa”. Upon meeting, the two men spent time getting to know each other, Jah Vinci even performed for him right then and there. Vybz Kartel was so impressed that he committed to working with Jah Vinci and promised to ensure that he gets established in the industry. Jah Vinci began to work with any producer Kartel connected him with. But his big break did not come until he recorded the now hit single, “my place a my place” for famed producer, Stephen McGregor. Jah Vinci contends that kartel taught him the importance of doing all types of music not just culture, so as to reach out to all the different markets. That being said, his preference was and still is positive music. It was through Kartel that he met Notnice, a respected producer who worked very close with all the artists in Vybz Kartel’s camp. Jah Vinci recorded his biggest song ever, “watch yu friends” for Notnice. While working with Vybz Kartel, Jah Vinci recorded a slew of hit songs for various producers, namely; “friend from foe” and “remedy for Russian, “please Jah guide me” for Jordon, and “baby girl I’m alone” for TJ. After being with Kartel’s camp for approximately three years Jah Vinci began to question the direction of the crew. Being a man who believes in God he decided that he wanted to step away from the team which he thought was heading down a negative path. Jah Vinci was not the only one to leave the camp, executive producer and financer, Corey Todd, Blak Rhyno and Notnice also left at the same time and continued to work with Jah Vinci. Corey and Jah Vinci did not sign an official agreement; instead, Corey just assisted Jah Vinci in getting shows and on projects with other producers. After splitting with Kartel, Jah Vinci recorded three additional hit singles with Notnice, “in my life”, ” mama love” and “rocka my baby” which was dedicated to his daughter.

Based on his experience working with other camps, Jah Vinci decided it was time to do his own thing, and so he formed his own team, Out Clear Records. This is his own record company which is also fused with Frenz For Real and Tripledose Production. Together all three entities work for the advancement of Jah Vinci’s career.

Jah Vinci recently wrapped up a one month tour in both Europe and Canada and is now back in Jamaica laying tracks for his first studio album which will be called ‘In My Life”. The album will feature collaboration with upcoming DJ, Propally. Currently, Jah Vinci is working with a number of young artists as he intends to give others an opportunity that was given to him when he just started out. Jah Vinci is very pleased with the direction is life is going in and says that he is really living his dream.

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