Lisa Hanna lambasted for her call to ban Kartel Songs

Lisa Hanna lambasted for her call to ban Kartel Songs

Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) spokesperson on Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna lambasted by social media users for comments she made calling for incarcerated Dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel’s music to be banned from public airwaves.

Fans of the incarcerated artiste took to the MP’s social media accounts to air their grouses, after she expressed her views in an interview yesterday on Nationwide 90 FM.

The social media users, who disagreed with her suggestions, stated that Hanna is concerned about the fact that the artiste has been able to produce music from behind bars.

Vybz Kartel whose real name is Adijah Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

Hanna’s comments came amid discussions about how violence in the country is intertwined with certain negative aspects of popular culture.

Instagram users have been relentless in their efforts to chide the former minister by leaving their comments under photos she has posted in the past.

One social media user said she (Hanna) is contradicting herself. “She mentioned Buju Banton not releasing any new music.. Well he did last week & he’s in Florida, US jail… Di song name mek MI si.. So it’s obvious she focusing on Vybz Kartel.”

Another user said “it’s best if you shut up and go one side…. Caa u naah do nth (nothing) better that irritate people….. you know how long mi deh yh a pree the amount a foolishness yaa comment and a talk bout freedom of speech…..Just go one side.”

Another said “…When its election you same people playing the DJ music. Stop blaming the music alone.”

Among the plethora of comments on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were also death threats against the MP.

Source Jamaica Observer