Lisa Hyper

Lisa Hyper


Most Popular Songs 

    Power A Mi Good


    Nuh Stress Mi Out

    Whine For Me

Bookings and Current Status

Birth Name  Felecia Gooden
Born Kingston Jamaica
Genres Dancehall
Occupations Deejay/Singjay/Songwriter
Phone 1(407) 777-3101 1(408) 310-5333 (876) 863-9403
Years active 2008 – Present


Jamaican Born and raised Felecia Gooden better known to the world as Lisa Hyper formerly Lisa Hype is a star on the rise. This Petite 23 yrs old Deejay/Singjay/Songwriter is recognized for her multiple styles of delivery, provocatively cunning lyrics, Energetic performances, flamboyant and innovative sense of style, Lisa Hyper is the most controversial Female Dancehall/Reggae Artist and has emerged as one of the most famous Dancehall Figures in recent times. It was at the age of 18yrs one year after she graduated High School in 2008 when Lisa Hyper joined the Vybz Kartel Lead group Portmore Empire and was signed to his addijahiem Record Label. Vybz Kartel discovered her star potential and promised to turn her into a star, for her it was a dream come true.

Not long after in late 2008 she Gained both local and international recognition for hit songs such as ‘Champion Bubbler’ which featured Dancehall’s Lyricist Vybz Kartel Produced by Birchill Productions and ‘Whine for Me’ which also featured Vybz Kartel produced by Notnice Productions. In 2009 the predictable hit single ‘Bills’ which featured Gaza Kim produced by Head Concussion Records was released and accompanied by a stunning music video showing a much more vocally mature and sexy Lisa Hyper and landed her on the charts of two of Jamaica’s leading local TV Channels peaking at # 3 on HYPE TV TOP 20 singles charts, Hit the top ten of the RE TV dancehall charts and also top ten on the Jamaica Music Countdown Charts. All this attention landed her several bookings in countries such as Switzerland, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, St. Lucia, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago and earned her positive reviews. At this time after being introduced to the world stage as a natural performer Lisa Hyper was now growing into an experienced entertainer.

Mentored by top flight deejay and childhood friend Vybz Kartel, she has developed her writing skills and honed her craft well surprising herself how she has now become a lyrical assassin. No longer a member of the Portmore Empire and in a post-split statement, thanked the members for their contribution to her career and how grateful she was for the exposure and experience. She has learnt a lot of things while being affiliated with the group, and one of those habits that she has adopted is Vybz Kartel’s incredible work ethic. Lisa Hyper was now ready to strike out in the world on her own and wanted to ensure that she was taken seriously.

Lisa Hyper is much more than the eyes can see. With a very humble beginning, she grew up in a small, quiet community called Golden Meadows in the hills of St. Andrew which lies North, West and East of Kingston Jamaica’s Capital. She was nurtured by her father and older sister after their mother migrated when she was only 2 yrs old, leaving them behind. She later moved to Waterford in Portmore, St.Catherine, South East of Jamaica where she stayed with her aunt and cousins for a few years before moving back home to St. Andrew. The absence of her mother at such a tender age and seeing her father as a single parent struggling to care for her and older sister affected her greatly. But despite life struggles helped to shape her into the resilient and ambitious person she is today. The incredible love and bond she shared with her father and sister kept her grounded and appreciative of the little things in life. Lisa Hyper had love for music from an early age, a naturally gifted dancer she loved dancing, she was a popular dancer and a cheer leader while attending high school. She was regarded as the dancer in the family and her older sister Upcoming Reggae Artist ‘Sidra’ as the singer. Lisa started developing her dancing skills, with plans to become a choreographer, she graduated The Queen’s High School in 2006. After High School she briefly pursued a career in dance & choreography, she entered and won several dance competitions which landed her jobs at various schools to choreograph dance moves for young girls who were also competing in dance competitions. She enjoyed performing and loved to entertain and exhibited a certain star quality but it was being around Vybz Kartel that she became inspired to pursue a music career.

After her departure from the Portmore Empire, then called Lisa Hype she announced that she has changed her name to Lisa Hyper. With words on the street that she may never make it independently and if she really had the goods. Lisa Hyper shocked Fans releasing Mix tapes in the streets of Jamaica to qualify her lyrical skills such as “The Return-hype to hyper” and the second named off her slogan “It Sticky Pon Dem” after rave reviews from critics and fans and invitations to a number of interviews, Lisa Hyper felt her mission was accomplished. She uploaded up to three songs per week on the internet which has now built her a strong fan following on YouTube both underground and commercially and a fan base that continues to grow across the world. She inspires and is respected and loved by her fans not only for her music but also for her real down to earth attitude, unconquerable strength and determination. She is a fighter for what she believes in, fearless and very unpredictable “You never know what I’m coming with next in terms of my creativity expect the unexpected,” she chuckled.

A confident Lisa Hyper is unstoppable and determined to break barriers. In November 2009, an x-rated photo surfaced on the Internet which showed her in a sexual act, that incident made her a household name, and the butt of many jokes in the tough, cruel world of dancehall music. But through it all, Lisa Hyper has remained unbreakable. She will not be moved. She has hit back at her many detractors and after a triumphant performance at one of Jamaica’s Biggest One Night Reggae Show Sting in 2009 at Jam world in Portmore, St. Catherine, proved she really went from hype to hyper. Shows were now rolling in and created media frenzy, she was on the cover of all the major newspaper in Jamaica. Lisa Hyper was poised for even bigger things she believed in turning a negative situation into a positive. And said she would love to partner with an agency to go out into the high schools and help reinforce certain messages as it relates to safe sex, condom use and the general safety of young teens from possible sexual predators. “I really connect with young people well and I want to teach them about safe sex. Know who you trust, don’t talk to strangers; don’t let yourself be abused by anyone. Love yourself, Practice safe sex, protect your body at all times, young teens need to hear this message, my life alone is a message about knowing who to trust,” she said.

In 2010 she won the award for Best New Female Artiste of the Year at Jamaica’s annual EME’s (Excellence in Music and Entertainment) awards. She has since released songs such as ‘Nuh Stress Mi Out’ a collaboration with self proclaimed King Of The Dancehall Beenie Man and most recently Buzzing singles ‘Power’ and ‘Roll Deep’ with an international appeal medley music video, both songs produced by Jam 2 Productions. Lisa Hyper is currently completing her Debut Album ‘Di Rebirth’ slated to be released later this year 2012 and continues to work hard and build a solid team around her geared to take her to the international stardom that she is destined. “They say you can’t really predict the future but I am going to be big in this world and maybe a fashion icon, she laughed and I want to remain relevant”.

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