Luciano cancel European tours, dissatisfaction with his travel

Luciano cancel European tours

Luciano has pulled the plug on his Zion Awake European tour, citing dissatisfaction with his travel and musical arrangements. The singer made the announcement through a three-minute, 47-second video clip on social media. The tour was slated to start in Bremen, Germany on November 2. It would have also seen Luciano performing in Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and Italy throughout December.

“I just want to apologise greatly that I have to cancel. Reason being, I don’t like how this tour was planned. I can see it was haphazardly done, and as a messenger, I take pride in my music. I work too hard to bring my career over the years to see my thing going down the drain. I don’t like it,” he said in part.

Luciano named Sonia Sterling and T-Boy of Bremen as booking agents for the tour.

“These people book me and don’t even make my manager come; my engineer is sick because he met in an accident, who is my son. And even with that, the people don’t release the importance of me having people around me. A me alone fi tek a plane fi go all the way a Germany? I don’t like these things. With one harmony singer? They know I always have three harmony singers. Where am I going with one harmony singer? Come on, man. Them (the fans) would feel seh mi tun rookie. I want all the promoters and fans bear with me until I set my life and career straight,” he said.

Sterling, issued a release stating: “It’s with a heavy heart to announce that the Europe 2016 ‘Zion Awake Tour’ has been cancelled. I tried my best to save the tour by working with the promoters to ensure that the artist Luciano’s needs were met in regards to adding more people to his travelling crew, and that the shows were professionally produced and promoted. This tour was carefully thought through and put together by T-Boy and myself. We realised it was important to Luciano’s fans to perform in other territories and keep his works moving, so we looked to Europe and Africa to build a tour.

“Some concerns were raised after the tour started by the artist and discussed with the promoter. An agreement was accepted by both parties to continue the tour after the promoter accepted the artist requests, in order to move forward with the tour. Unfortunately, an announcement was made that the tour cannot continue at this time.

“We apologise to all of the promoters and fans who spent their money and time in wanting to be a part of the ‘Zion Awake Tour’.”

She said all financial deposits would be returned.    Source Jamaica Observer