Professor Nuts

Professor Nuts


Most Popular Songs 

    God Damn It

    Mama Have Har Own

    Inna Di Bus

    Bad Boy Jimmy

Bookings and Current Status

Birth Name Carl Wellington
Born Rockfort Kingston
Genres Dancehall, Reggae,
Occupations Deejay
Years active 1983 – Present


Born Carl Wellington, Professor Nuts grew up in Rockfort, but in 1983 he moved to Independence City, Portmore. It was there that he decided to pursue music seriously hooking up with the Love Child Disco in that same year.

“A friend named ‘One Away’ introduced me to Love Child Disco and that’s how it started,” Professor Nuts said. It was also in 1983 that Professor Nuts teamed up with deejay Lecturer and together began the process of establishing themselves as top notch deejays by performing at dance all over the island.

However, all was not well in the camp. As a result of “circumstances not appropriate for public disclosure”, Professor Nuts left Love Child in 1985. He moved on to Creation where he met New York- based Jamaican radio jock Clinton Lindsay of WNWK who took him on a tour of several United States cities. Professor Nuts would enjoy stints at other sounds before settling with Arrows International and doing a North American tour.

In 1987 Professor Nuts became popular with the recording “Inna Di Bus” for the Dungleman Label, owned by Macca Tom, from Greenwich Town. This was the following by the hits “No Lef Yuh Knife”, “Woman” and “Tan So Back” followed.

Professor Nuts trademark styles became underground cult classics especially among teens at that time. The release of his 1991 album Tan So Back marked the peak of the performer’s rise as a deejays and he blew away patrons at all the major shows that year, including Reggae Sunsplash.

He took a sabbatical from recording after that to do a slew of appearances abroad. Critical of producers, it would be years before the ever-versatile Professor Nuts would hook up with the producer Dave Kelly to record “Funny Guy” and the monster Hit “Mama Have Her Own”. In 1999 he came back with another hit singles “Satan Strong” that peaked at number three on the local charts.

And where did this funny streak came from? “In school, I was a serious Learner who used to buss a joke or two in between sessions just to ease the tension. It is something I adopted, I was born to give jokes and make people smile.

As the years go by he as done some more singles such as “Don’t”, “Fish N Festival” and” God Damn It”

Professor Nuts is a competent technician and is an avid collector of records. “I plan to go into oldies hits myself one day ‘cause I have a quite a collection…thousands in fact, which I store in a house in Portmore. And I am one of the best oldies selectors in the world.

Recently he starred in popular local hit sitcom where he play a major role in’ “Me An Mi Kru” which is on its Third (3rd) season. Professor Nuts is also a judge on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall where he and other judges seek to mentor and motivate upcoming artiste in Jamaica while showcasing their talent on Television Jamaica TVJ each week. Magnum Kings and Queens is on its Seventh (7th) Season.

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