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Birth Name
Genres Dancehall, Reggae,  Lover’s Rock
Occupations Singer
Years active 2006 – Present


It was five members who became acquainted with each other at a talent show that originally started out as the boy band “Voicemail”. As time went by two of the members patience and motivation to success grew faint resulting in the remaining three. Kevin Blair, Craig Jackson and O ́Neil Edwards – son of the well known recording artist and producer Rupee Edwards – are the remaining members of the original five member group that formed Voicemail in 1999.

When Voicemail met they didn’t anticipate just how much the entertainment world would crave what they have to offer. From humming in the bathroom to taking singing seriously, they started voice training once a week and things took a positive and successful turn from there. They all had different ambitions before they became the devoted singers they are today.

Though their perfection in what they do may suggest otherwise. Kevin worked as a model before leaning toward being a music entertainment. Craig was obviously motivated by his older brother – who was also working in the music business- O’Neil operated his own business importing and selling goods before becoming the star he is today. Voicemail’s style can be compared with R&B but with a bit more spunk than what the mentioned genre of music would most time deliver. When the group combine their voices to sing they create a harmony to captivate music lovers of all ages.

Their satisfying performance and music get audiences adrenaline rushing. The trio had the pleasure of working with numerous producers including: Don Corleon (Credits: Rihanna, Gentleman, Keshia Cole) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Far Away“ Stephen McGregor (Credits: Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Give Her“ Arif Cooper (Credits: Keri Hilson, Alaine, Sean Paul) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Best Days Of My Life“ Robert Livingston (Credits: Shaggy) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Rodeo“ Snow Cone (Credits: Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Round Of Applause“ Red One (Credits: Tamy Chin, Lady Gaga, Akon) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL feat. Tamy C. – „Watch Me Wine“ Supa Dups (Credits: Kardinal Offishall, Mary J. Blige, Estelle) Produced for instance VOICEMAIL – “Vibes Machine“ On climbing the success ladder, Voicemail did their first music video in 2005 called “Wacky Dip”.

It was produced by Grammi Winning Producer: Donovan “Vendetta” Bennett (Don Corleon). The song created a new era in music, fashion and dancing in Jamaica. Being the “it” group that constantly blazes with new dance moves and permissive lyrics their talent helped them to progress outbound, extended their popularity and gained thousands of fans internationally. Following “Wacky Dip” are other videos “I Need You”, “Get Crazy”, “Ready To Party” among others – not respectively. Jamaicans are known for having an appetite for dance moves so the videos brought more life to the dancehall scene and captured the young people fundamentally. On July 18, 2006 the trio released their debut album “Hey” with VP records and was overwhelmingly successful to have sold over 100,000 in Japan alone.

Their next album “Lets Go” distributed by Japan ́s Pony Canon label pulled success even closer by selling over 40,000 copies over a short period of time and also admitting that the album was among the top sellers of the year. With key events such as Sumfest and Spring Fest the caribbean cannot get enough of Voicemail ́s entertainment. They have toured and done series of shows in Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, in the U.S and Europe leaving the footprints of great talent for people to crave more and to win new fans as they rock the dancehall and Rn’B world.

Two years later, July 16, 2008 their third album “Jump Off” hit the international market. The photo shoot for the album was done in Tokyo Japan. Voicemail took another direction with the album as they ́ve decided to do something different from what they are use to. There are no dance tunes on the “Jump Off” album but it is said that the album is just as hot as the previous releases. Craig’s, O ́Neil’s and Kevin ́s popularity continues to grow and rapidly. Not many singers had the chance of performing in front of thousands of people. These guys being well loved and most hyped took Japans largest reggae festival “Yokohama Reggae SAI” by storm in August 2008. They ́ve managed to entertain 40,000 reggae/ dancehall lovers. That drives Voicemail over the top and bringing themselves to a higher level in their career. VOICEMAIL are sometimes styled as the Princes of fashion cause they have never failed to maintain their attractive yet professional style in dressing. With such elaborate attires, the Princes found themselves in Japan modeling in front of cameras before performing at a show.

Karl Kani – who merged Hip-Hop with fashion back in the late eighties and who won several awards in many different areas of his business – approached Voicemail before the Reggae Explosion in Japan. The show featured other well known artist such as Sanchez, Marcia Griffiths, Sugar Roy and many more. Being approached by the urban fashion pioneer ́s worker, shows how tremendously admired the trio is, not just to music listeners and dancers but to people who have an eye for success, potential and quality.

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