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Birth name  Timberlee Heaven
Born June 2nd 1983, in Kingston
Genres Dancehall, Reggae
Occupations Singer
Years active 2003 – Present


Most of life’s journey is uncertain, what you imagine your path to be, you think is certain. You think it’s planned and so it’s destined to be… Life usually throws that theory away and the life that you thought you would have is not what destiny had in mind. In most cases fate intervenes and changes every aspect of your life and the life you thought you were destined for, isn’t what was decided by fate. That’s the case of Timberlee Heaven, Born June 2nd 1983, in Kingston, Jamaica. Timberlee was raised in Mandeville, Manchester. She attended Belair High School and did her Tertiary Education at Concordia University in Canada. She completed her degree in psychology and child education. At an early age Timberlee wanted to be a chief or a vet. But fate had something else in mind; during college Timberlee wrote her first song for fun. “I wrote a song about me and my friends, I was forced by a young producer friend to demo it on an unfinished beat. Koolface overheard that months later, and told Don Corleone and I ended up at the studio one day and Koolface recognized me and brought me to Don’s Attention. They made me record the song on a different riddim”, Timberlee remembered. Koolface and Don Corleone were t he first in to ever record her in 2003, on the Trifecta Riddim with the song “Prada and Gucci”. Right away her talent spoke for it self impressing them immensely. The Life she thought she was going to have changed, and suddenly her destiny became clear, fate had finally kicked in, it was clear to her that this was her Destiny.

Timberlee continued to record for Don Corleone on French Vanilla and Mad Guitar, during which time she officially met veteran Kunley from Powerhouse Ward21. They suddenly hit it off musically, and started to write songs together. As the songs progressed so did their friendship. Timberlee was near the end of school. She went to Florida on vacation, during which she met up with Kunley, a storm hit and Kunley ended staying with her. As the storm bubbled and blew tons of rain and thunder. Kunkley seemed to be shocked into inspiration, it was there he sat with Timberlee and wrote a song called “Bubble like soup”

At this point, it seemed fate had intervened yet again, and pointed them into the musical path that was destined to Bubble into Dancehall’s heart. Timberlee recorded the song, which was produced by Ward21. But what happened next… No one predicated. The song was everywhere, and it became a HUGE hit around the world. Every girl was singing the line “Hot gal a Hot gal Sweet like a honey, X to the 5 mi nuh drive inna sunny”. The song became an international hit, making it ONE of the biggest songs in Dancehall History. “After Bubble like Soup, people finally saw that I was serious, and they also saw my potential”, Timberlee also noted,” I didn’t aspire to be an artiste. But it was as if it was destined… Ward21 really brought out my full potential as an artiste by believing in me and they have guided me thus far”.

After, “Bubble like Soup”, Timberlee was featured on the Dem Gal Sittin Riddim with the song “No Stress”, she was also featured in the Medley video. With “Bubble like Soup” being such a worldwide phenomenon, the video for the single was shot in 2004 by Dexter “3D” Pottinger. Later that year she did a video for a song with Tifa (Her Label Mate) called “No Tinky Winky” produced by Ward 21 and Bibby Gardener.

In 2008, Timberlee met up with Artiste/ Producer Leftside, where he had her record on the Benny Hill Riddim, where she wrote and recorded the song “Heels”. With tremendous airplay and recognition for her versatility and style, in the beginning of 2009, Timberlee shot a video for the single. The video announced to the world that she was not a one hit wonder, and she was here to stay. Showing off her sexy yet girly persona with the hook “I’m so sexy in my heels”. Most people loved how the song switched from a girly tone to a hardcore undertone that made it very Dancehall. This proved the creativity and subtleness of Timberlee.

The year 2009, has proven to be the year Timberlee, with coloration with Alliance front man Bounty Killer on the song “Gangster Style”. Showing both Artistes’ stints of creativity, the song received lots of airplay. Timberlee currently has the single “Backdoor Delivery” out on the Ole Geezer riddim of course produced by Ward 21. With a video to be shot, later this year. Last year Timberlee was nominated for new artiste of the year at the EME’s and Female Artiste of the year this years EME’s. She also has done shows all over: Belize, London, New York, and Miami, LA. She is currently on tour across the states this summer showcasing her talent to the world.

With a crazy and unique personality, the whole world seems to be falling into in Heaven with the young Dancehall starlet. Timberlee is the perfect example that looks can be deceiving; when you see her booming body and gorgeous smile you’re hooked. You don’t think Dancehall! But don’t be fooled, as she touches the stage the Dancehall Diva emerges with hardcore and dynamic lyrics which is sure to blow you away. Look out for a Goddess that is Bubbling like soup With No Stress who is so Sexy in her Heels strutting Dancehalls runway worldwide.

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