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Write about Reggae and other Jamaican Music.

We are seeking talented writers, with good knowledge of Jamaican music and strong interests in the music culture. Join Team Jamadio, help to promote Jamaican Music and Entertainment by becoming a content contributor/writer.


All Article should focus on either or all Jamaican Music such as; Reggae, Dancehall, Gospel, Mento, RockSteady, Pocomania, Ska and Revival. Articles must be accompany by relevant Pictures or videos etc. We accept Rewrites, and reference it to the original source. Writer are liable for their works.

Gossips and Trending Topic

In today’s society, it seems normal to be narcissistic. While some people enjoy the dramatics and down fall of others. Jamadio aims to provide facts and upliftment. So bare in mind, we do not accept false information or statements. If you are not able to stand by your work, please do not submit.

Reviews and Interviews

We’ve got some ideas of what we want, but also want you to write on the artists whose music is having an impact on you. Don’t be afraid to personalize these or come at them from a different approach. Music reviews are sometimes boring to read, and while they serve a utilitarian purpose, they should also be creative.

Express your opinion, but be concrete in how you formed that opinion and distinguish the subjective from the objective. Your writing should display maturity and emphasize substance over attitude.  Be thorough and never do an interview without a tape recorder, and save the tapes in case there’s an alleged discrepancy. If you are unsure of any facts in the article, please call this to our attention at the beginning of the article. We can help you verify the facts or remove them from the article.


Articles are credited to all Authors on your request..

We will compensate you per Article.


Please send a e-mail describing your background, along with a recent music-related writing samples that display the depth of your thinking and the best of your abilities.          Subject Article meknoise@gmail.com